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Doubling Farmers Income and Improving Mango Orchard Ecosystem through Integration of New Poultry Production Technology

Profitability from mono cropping of mango is low in Eastern Uttar Pradesh particularly for small and marginal farmers due to several factors. Availability of cash through out the year from mango production is a constraint. Integration of mango orchards with poultry can raise farm income and will ensure revenue through out years.

Improvement in orchard ecosystem ICAR-CISH, Lucknow developed mango orchard based poultry farming practice through participatory mode with mango and guava farmers. Cost effective night shelters were designed for mango orchards with locally available bamboo and wire mesh costing Rs. 5,000-10,000. A unique, cost effective feed technology was developed using grain waste, in situ produced Azolla microphylla, dried barseem leaves and fed on naturally available mango insects, grasses and grass seeds. Chicks of rural poultry strains were reared in batches of 250 to 300 for 4 to 6 cycles in a year to each farmer. Birds are gradually disposed off after achieving body weight of 1.5 kg and fresh batches are provided after 2 months of initial batch and the cycle continued.

CISH- Aonla Coriander Squash and RTS
ICAR- CISH has developed developing therapeutically important Aonla Coriander blended squash and Ready to serve beverages having high nutraceutical values. The products are economical, organoleptically acceptable, naturally flavored drinks rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, flavanoids, calcium and minerals.

CISH- Aonla Fennel squash and RTS
ICAR- CISH has developed technology for developing therapeutically important aonla fennel blended squash and Ready to serve beverages having high neutraceutical values. The products are economical, organoleptically acceptable, naturally flavored drinks rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, flavanoids, calcium and minerals.

CISH- Aonla Dill squash and RTS
ICAR- CISH has develop aonla dill blended squash and RTS having neutraceutical properties of both .The products are economical, organoleptically acceptable, naturally flavored drinks rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, monoturpenes, flavanoids, calcium and minerals.

CISH- Mango Wine
ICAR-CISH, Lucknow has developed technology for mango wine from three famous mango varieties grown in the mango belt of U.P. i.e. ‘Dashehari’, ‘Langra’ and ‘Chausa’. each of the wines developed carries the original taste as well as aroma of the variety. Major phenolics present in mango wines are gallic acid, catechin, epi-catechin, caffeic acid, p-coumeric acid and kaempferol. With a range of seven to nine percent alcohol content, this unique wine would surely be a big draw with all fond of good liquor.

CISH- Amla Prash

Aonla is a rich source of antioxidants. Since time immemorial Chywanprash is being consumed to maintain vitality. However, traditional recipe for Chywanprash include Desi Ghee and sugar along with other ingredients. Now a days these ingredients are avoided by most patients suffering from cholesterol or diabetes problems. The process also involves lot of heating for kwath preparation, which reduces the nutritional value of the product.

CISH has developed an improved product without sucrose and desi ghee ingredients and without making kwath (cold process) . The product has highVit C content and shelf stable for more than one year without use of any preservative.

CISH- Guava cider

It is a sweet fermented nutritious and highly refreshing cider, having strong fruity flavour and has been prepared from guava fruits. This mildly fermented beverage has 13O B total soluble solids, 3.0 per cent alcohol, 0.45 per cent acidity and 32.8 mg per 100 ml ascorbic acid. The cider could be stored up to one year under ambient conditions and its taste improves upon aging. Keeping in view the nutritional and sensory qualities of guava cider, it may prove as a potential guava product. Presence of phenolic compounds viz. gallic acid , syringaldehyde, caffeic acid and cinnamic acid has also been recorded in guava cider.

CISH- Aonla tea

ICAR- CISH has developed Aonla tea having multiple health benefits. Prepared from Indian gooseberry, the tea is rich in nutritional value with a high anti-oxidant value and Vitamin C. Aonla tea bags are meant to be consumed with hot water and consumed sans milk with sugar according to one’s requirements.

CISH- Aonla fibre enriched biscuits

ICAR- CISH has developed technology for aonla dietary fibre, vitamin C and antioxidant enriched biscuits. The dietary fibre content of the finished product is about 5 times higher than the control while the vitamin C and antioxidant concentration are 15.6 mg/100g and 0.25 g %, respectively. Biscuits have a shelf life of more than 6 months.The fibre enriched biscuits may be helpful in curing the constipation and other ailments related to fast food habits.

CISH- Aonla Cider

Aonla cider is a novel fermented drink of aonla having TSS - 10O B, alcohol up to 4%, tannins 0.4 percent and ascorbic acid 66 mg per 100 ml. Keeping the increasing production of aonla in view, aonla cider is a drink that can fetch both national and international market.

CISH- Herbal Chew

ICAR- CISH, Lucknow has developed a technology of CISH Herbal Chew for those who are willing to quit tobacco and provide a healthy alternative to pan masala. CISH Herbal Chew has the goodness of established herbs and has high neutraceutical properties.