Protocol for export of mango

  • The fruits should be harvested at proper maturity with 1cm stalk and brought to the pack house immediately in plastic crates after sorting.
  • As per pack house operations, the fruits are to be desapped, washed, treated with fungicide (0.05% Carbendazim preferably) in hot water, dehydrated and graded on size/weight basis.
  • The fruits need to be packed in CFB boxes having a bursting strength of more than 260lb/inch2 and using a cushioning material preferably the bubble type of plastic.
  • The fruits should be packed in single layers preferably slightly tilted or slanted.
  • Preferably the ventilation in the boxes be covered with insect proof screen of 30 mesh.
  • Stacking of the boxes should be on the basis of box strength and specifications of the container.
  • Proper palletatization is required before keeping the boxes in container; fruits are to be precooled at 12-13o C.
  • The container temperature from point of loading to point of destination should be  kept around 13o C with 80-90% R.H  if the fruits are to be stored for around 10-15 days. If the fruits are to be disposed off immediately after reaching the destination on the container temperature may be maintained at 20-22o C with 85-90% R.H.
  • The ventilation of container is to be maintained around 25-30% during transshipment to avoid humidity buildup.
  • The data loggers for temperature and humidity should be placed in the container and monitored throughout the transport from Lucknow to Dubai.
  • The requirement of ripening aid is to be assessed at destination. If fruits are to be disposed off immediately within 3-4 days it should be ensured that proper surface colour has developed and fruits are ripened to an acceptable quality. If fruits are to be stored for a week or so, ripening aids will be required for quality fruits.
  • It is to be ensured that ripening chambers are available at the destination.

Observations to be made at the destination

  • The temperature and humidity data logger for assuring their proper maintenance during transportation.
  • The physical condition of the boxes.
  • The physical condition of the fruits i.e. bruising, disease, pressmarks, surface colour and ripening stage.
  • If proper ripening is required, ripening treatment facilities and its monitoring and storage.
  • Disposal pattern and retailer/consumer acceptability.
  • Any other information required at the destination.