Ultra-high density planting system in guava


  • A ‘Meadow Orcharding’ system; very high productivity with superior fruit quality
  • Plants spaced at 1 x 2m accommodate 5000 plants per hectare; canopy management through topping and hedging
  • Plants are topped 2 months of planting in October for emergence of new shoots below cut end
  • 50 per cent length of each new shoots , pruned again in December-January for induction of more shoots ; flower buds differentiate; well spread is attained by May
  • Heading back of all shoots is repeated annually in September, May and January; ensures dwarf, compact canopy, better fruiting and easy horticultural operations
  • Production starts from very first year of planting, 12.5 tonnes reaching up to 55 tonnes per hectare
  • Lalit performs very well