• In case of Dashehari, full dose of paclobutrazol in the first year followed by half dose in the second year is required
  • Alternate bearing is a serious problem prevailing in many choice varieties; rhythm of ‘On’ (heavy crop) and ‘Off’ (lean  or no crop) years occurs consecutively ; profitability of mango orcharding is affected
  • Commercial varieties of Uttar Pradesh, Dashehari, Langra, Chausa, Bombay Green and Lucknow Safeda, are  alternate bearers 
  • Application of paclobutrazol @3.2 ml per meter canopy diameter through soil drenching during September is found to induce flowering even during  ‘Off’ year
  • In Chausa and Langra, regular applications are necessary
  • This technology was found to increase in Dashehari , ‘On’ year yields by about 25 per cent, while providing 60 per cent of the normal yield during ‘Off ’ years
  • This approach since operates through checking of vegetative growth /vigour, it is important to adopt good cultural practices for sustainingtree health in the long run
  • Widely adopted in Maharashtra state (Konkan region) in Alphonso production