Integrated pest management in mango


Mealy bug (Drosicha mangiferae)

  • Nymphs and adults puncture, suck sap from tender parts; reduce vigour; destroy inflorescence; cause fruit drop; ; female adults hibernate in soil
  • Excrete sweet sticky substance, facilitating development of sooty mold

Integrated management

  • Ploughing of orchard in November-December
  • Polyethylene (400 gauge) banding of tree trunk above 30cm from ground level and application of 1.5 per cent chlorpyriphos dust @ 250g/tree around tree trunk in December
  • If nymphs have ascended the tree, spray carbosulfan (0.05%) or dimethoate (0.06%) before flowering.

Mealybug infestation

Polythene banding

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