Integrated pest management in mango


Mango Hopper (Idioscopus clypealis, I. nitidulus and Amritodus atkinsoni)

  • Nymphs and adults puncture and suck the sap of tender parts; reduce vigour of plants; destroy the inflorescence and causing fruit drop
  • Damage the crop by excreting a  sweet sticky substance which facilitates the development of sooty mould

Integrated management

  • Pruning of overcrowded and overlapping branches.
  • Ploughing and removal of weeds.
  • First spray of imidacloprid (0.005%) when panicles are 8-10cm long followed by second spray of thiomethoxam (0.008%) or profenophos (0.05%) after fruit set and third need based spray of carbaryl (0.2%) before maturity
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