Integrated pest management in mango


Leaf webber (Orthaga euadrusalis)

The pest is attaining serious proportions in northern states.  Old orchards with less space between the tree canopies harbour more insects than open orchards.  Its infestation starts from the month of April and goes up to December.  Initially caterpillars feed on leaf surface by scrapping.  Later they make web of tender shoots and leaves together and feed within.  The infestation is severe under shady conditions.

Damage by leaf webber

Leaf web removing device

Integrated management

  • Mechanical removal of leaf webs by leaf web removing device developed by CISH and burning them.
  • Ploughing of orchard during November-December.
  • Two to three sprays commencing from last week of July with carbaryl (0.2%) or quinalphos (0.05%).