Integrated pest management in mango


Fruit fly (Bactrocera dorsalis Hendel and B. zonata)

  • Most serious pest affecting export of fresh fruits
  • Female punctures the epicarp of mature fruits with ovipositor, insert eggs in clusters into mesocarp
  • Following hatching, larvae feed on the pulp of fruits; infested fruits though appear normal from outside, eventually drop

Fruit fly infested fruit

Fruit fly trap

Integrated management

  • Collection and disposal of infested and fallen fruits

  • Ploughing of orchards in November-December to expose pupae

  • Use of methyl eugenol pheromone traps (wooden blocks 5x5x1cm soaked in methyl eugenol , malathion and ethanol@ 6:4:1) are hung in trees during fruiting period from April-August @10 traps per  hectare traps should be replenished at 2 months interval.