Ongoing Externally Funded Projects

Sl.No. Project Title PI Period
DAC, NCPAH, Ministry of Agriculture, GOI
1. Hi-tech horticulture for efficient utilization of resource through precision farming (PFDC) Dr. V.K.Singh May 2002 – March 2015
2. Developing from mango waste (peel and kernel) enzyme catalyzed –microbe mediated processes for biofuels Dr. (Smt.) Neelima Garg April 2014 – March 2017
3. Development of national data base on mango Dr. S.Rajan 2013 – 2018
ICAR Networking Project
4. Network project on transgenics in crops (Papaya). Dr. Maneesh Mishra Oct. 2005 - March 2015
5. Intellectual Property Management and Transfer/ Commercialization of agriculture technology scheme Dr. S. Rajan 2008-continue
6. National network on "Micronutrient management in horticultural crops for enhancing yield and quality" Dr.Kailash Kumar 2014-2017
7. Consortium research platform on borer in network mode Dr.Gudappa 2014-2017
8. Network project on organic horticulture Dr.R.A.Ram 2014-2017
Outreach Programme in Network Mode
9. Outreach programme on Management of sucking pests on horticultural crops.
Sub Project : Mango hopper
Balaji Rajkumar 2009- 2017
Technology Mission, GOI
10. Technology Mission for integrated development of horticulture in North-Eastern State
Subproject – Organic/ biodynamic cultivation of horticultural crops in N.E. region including Sikkim
Dr. R.A.Ram,
Dr. R.P. Medhi  - Director, Sikkim
April 2003 – Continue
11. Characterization of aonla varieties for developing DUS test guidelines Dr. Devendra Pandey 2012-2015
12. Validation of DUS descriptors of bael (Aegle marmelos Correa) Dr. Devendra Pandey 2012-2015
13. Development of morphological descriptors and DUS test guidelines for Jamun Dr. A.K.Singh 2012-2015
14. Establishment of DUS test facilities for mango crops Dr. S. Rajan April 2013 – March 2015
National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture              (NICRA)
15. Understanding the changes in host-pest interactions and dynamics in mango under climate change scenario P.K.Shukla Nov. 2011-2017
16. Understanding flowering phenology and productivity of mango in response to temperature and moisture stress. Dr. S. Rajan March 2012-March 2015
17. Establishment of mushroom spawn production laboratory Dr.P.K.Shukla Sept., 2012 to 2015
18. Impact assessment of pesticides on environment using EIQ tool under rice cropping system. Dr.A.K.Bhattacherjee 2013-2016
19. Conservation and sustainable use of cultivated and wild tropical fruits diversity: Promoting sustainable Livelihoods, food security and ecosystem services.  Dr. S. Rajan 2009 - 2015