ICAR-CISH Technologies for Expression of Interest

Application are invited from interested entrepreneur for the purchase of following technologies.

CISH- Herbal Chew

CISH- Aonla Cider

CISH-Aonla Fibre Biscuits

CISH- Aonla Tea

CISH- Mango Wine

CISH- Aonla Dill Squash and RTS

CISH- Aonla Fennel Squash and RTS

CISH- Aonla Coriander Squash and RTS

CISH-Sugar cane Aonla Vinegar

Please send expression of interest latest by 7.4.2018 to Director ICAR-CISH, Lucknow by email to cish.lucknow@gmail.com, with a copy to itmu.cish@gmail.com (0522-2841022) on the following format along with a application fee of Rs. 10,000 (refundable).

The Firm bidding highest will be selected. Decision of Director ICAR-CISH will be final.


1. Name and full address of the Organization:

2. Brief description of the present business:

3. Current operational area and qualification:

4. Contact person with Designation:

5. Contact telephone numbers and email:

6. Turnover for last three years, if any:

7. Company registration with GST No.:

8. Reason for interest :

Signature of authorized person