Farmer-scientist interaction meeting

A farmer-scientist interaction meeting was organised on 05-09-2016 at village Amethia Salimpur of Kakori under the Mera Gaoan Mera Gaurav Programme by ICAR-CISH, Lucknow. More than 40 farmers of the village attended the meeting. Dr V. K Singh, Principal Scientist, ICAR- CISH enumerated modern technology of mango and guava along with importance of protected cultivation of vegetables for enhancing income and employment of the farmers through off season raising of seedling in plastic protrays using soil less media. On the occasion farmers queries related to different aspects of fruits and vegetable production were also amicably answered by the scientists. The tomato saplings of high yielding varieties i.e. Abhilash, Himsona and Naveen were distributed among the farmers. The farmers were keen to grow the indeterminate tomato varieties.