Transfer of technology: MoU with CST UP

CISH signed MOU with CST UP for transfer of improved technology for making Vinegar. CST UP will extend the technology to the end user. MoU was signed by Dr. S. Rajan Director, CISH and Dr. Anil Yadav, Secretary CST UP. Dr. Neelima Garg, the inventor of technology informed that this protocol is very simple and has immense potential for farmers and small scale processors engaged in vinegar production. Vinegar is a sour-tasting condiment and preservative prepared by two successive microbial processes, the first being an alcoholic fermentation by yeasts and the second oxidation of alcohol by Acetobacter aceti. Generally it takes around 3 months for preparing vinegar from sugarcane juice using traditional protocol. CISH has worked out a protocol to reduce the time from 3 months to 1 month using immobilized microbial cells of Acetobacter aceti. Using this protocol about 9 percent of acetic acid can be produced from sugarcane juice in one month with 98 per cent fermentation efficiency. On this occasion Dr. Radhey Lal , Dr. Shashi Rana, Dr. G. Pandey, Dr. R. M. Khan, Dr. D. Pandey and Dr. Tarun Adak were present.