Aonla de-stoning machine

  • Manual removal of stone from aonla fruit for processing is difficult due to its irregular shape and tight adherence pulp
  • Manual removal besides being cumbersome, results in fruit splitting into segments and 15-20 per cent pulp remaining adhered to stone
  • Processing industry needs a mechanical device for de-stoning of aonla fruits for improving the efficiency of this critical step of segment separation
  • CISH designed and developed a manually operated machine for de-stoning of aonla fruits
  • Machine works on the principle of compression and coring; main functional parts include plunger, core and a die
  • Machine has operating capacity of 10-12 kg aonla fruits perhour
  • Only about 6-8 per cent pulp remains adhered to the stones during this operation ,leaving the aonla fruit intact
  • Cost of machine is about Rs.3000.00