Strategies & Challenges in Doubling Farmer's Income through Horticultural Technologies in Subtropics

June 21st - 22nd, 2018

Horticulture sector is vital for socioeconomic development of farmers in India. Horticulture has witnessed unprecedented growth in last three decades and contributing more than 33% in agricultural GDP of the country. India has crossed the hump related to food security over the years but under employment and farmers' distress continues to be the concern. This scenario is even worse in subtropical zone of India which experiences extreme of temperature.

The horticulture in subtropics is entirely different and requires careful technological management for making it profitable. Indian subtropics is endowed with fertile cultivable land, water and sunshine resources which makes it an important agroecosystem where wide range of horticultural crops from fruits, vegetables, flower to medicinal plants are being grown. It contributes about 35 per cent of the total fruit production and produces sizeable chunk of vegetables. However, several issues still need to be addressed. Floriculture industry in subtropical zone of India is still in infancy which requires boost not only in terms of research but infrastructure as well. Indian subtropical zone is hub of many important medicinal and aromatic plants. In order to enhance livelihood and profitability of medium and small farmers, not only interventions such as increasing productivity, enhancing quality, reducing farmer level post harvest losses and intelligent marketing is needed but also developing horticulture based cropping system is required. Currently, the sector is confronted with pressure of increasing population, dietary changes, depleting and degrading natural resources, climatic changes, shortage of skilled human resources and continued fragmentation of land, leading to horticulture distress. Honorable Prime Minister of India has given us a daunting task of doubling farmers' income by 2022. This requires a shift in approach from production based to income based horticulture. There is an urgent need to reduce production losses and increase the margins of profits.

Doubling farmers' income through horticulture in subtropics would require an efficient system of technology management, marketing, input, infrastructure, risk management and top it all policy reforms.

This calls for a national dialogue to discuss all the issues to develop road map for technological changes and innovations for horticultural transformations in subtropics. In this background, ICAR - Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture, Lucknow and Society for Development of Subtropical Horticulture, Lucknow are jointly organizing National Conference on ''Strategies and challenges in Doubling Farmers' Income through Horticultural Technologies in Subtropics'' during 21st - 22nd June, 2018 at ICAR - CISH, Rehmankhera, Lucknow.


The programme will include following major thematic areas covering different nuances of subtropical horticulture which include lead lectures, selected oral presentations and poster presentations.

Thematic areas

  1. Integrated farming system for livelihood security
    • Farm diversification models in horticultural crops for income enhancement
    • Hi-Tech horticulture for income promotion
  2. Technological innovations in subtropical horticulture
    • Innovations in horticultural crop management
    • Value addition and market linkage
    • Breeding and biotechnology for better tomorrow
  3. Production, consumption and marketing linkages for profitable horticulture farming in subtropics.
    • Emerging trends in Horti-business management
    • ICTs in Horti - marketing management
    • Scope of Horti - tourism in augmenting income
  4. Socioeconomic dynamics of horticulture in subtropics
    • Trends in safe horticulture practices
    • Organic production of horticultural crops
  5. Role of extension services for enhancing income of horticultural farmers in subtropics
    • Role of KVKs in augmenting income of horticulture farmers
    • Role of NGOs, FPOs, CBOs and progressive farmers in income generation
  6. Private sector, rural youth employment and entrepreneur development in subtropical horticulture
    • Role of private sector in enhancing income of farm
    • Government initiatives for entrepreneurship development in horticulture

Organized by

Soiety for Development of Subtropical Horticulture Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
ICAR-Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh