Rejuvenation of old and senile mango orchards

  • About 35-40 per cent orchards in mango growing belt are old and unproductive ; many respond to rejuvenation
  • CISH technology on rejuvenation standardized in ‘Dashehari’, involves heading back of branches during December to a level of about 3 meters from ground
  • About three to four main branches emerging and having outward growth are retained; rest are pruned back to their bases
  • Main branches are allowed to produce shoots and develop into canopy; thinning of excessive criss-crossing shoots is carried out during May and July to maintain 6-8 shoots per branch
  • Trees develop healthy and productive canopy after two years and bearing starts
  • Additional income from pruned wood and intercropping with short duration vegetables and ornamental crops are the other advantages
  • Fruit yield increases up to 4-5 times of the initial status with improved size and quality due to better light penetration into the canopy
  • Application of 2.5kg urea, 3kg Single super phosphate(SSP) and 1.5kg    Muriate of potash along with 100kg FYM is recommended for each pruned tree
  • These trees must be irrigated at interval of 15-20 days starting from March till the onset of monsoon
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