Raw mango squash(Panna)

  • A traditional drink that could be prepared fresh in homes and  consumed;  can also be stored under ambient conditions
  • Pulp is extracted after boiling hard green fruits  (1kg) in 1 litre water 
  • Different ingredients viz., common salt (120g),black salt (80g), roasted cumin seeds powder (40g),fresh mint leaves (200g) and citric acid (65g) are added
  • Mixture is strained and consumed fresh ; if required to be preserved sodium benzoate (1g) dissolved in small quantity of water is added
  • To prepare sweet squash, 450g sugar is added, while for sour squash 450g water is added
  • Total quantity to be made up to 2kg by weight with addition of boiled and cooled water
  • Squash is filled into clean and sterilized glass / plastic bottles and sealed; product has shelf-life of about 9 months
  • Served by diluting one part of squash with seven parts of chilled water

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