Integrated management of post-harvest diseases of mango

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Anthracnose Stem end rot Aspergillus rot
  • Anthracnose (Colletotrichum gleosporiodes), stem end rot (Lasiodiplodia theobromae) and Aspergillus rot (Aspergillus niger) are the major post-harvest diseases
  • Pre-harvest practices are very important to effectively manage post-harvest diseases. They include integrated water and nutrient management, integrated pest and disease management and proper harvesting.
  • Two pre-harvest sprays of thiophanate–methyl (0.1%) at 15 days interval starting from 3rd week of May to reduce the incidence of post-harvest diseases.
  • Harvested fruits, free from bruises, are treated in hot water using electrically operated circulative water bath at 52±1oC for 20 minutes
  • Duration of treatment could be reduced to 10 minutes by amending the hot water with prochloraz (0.05%) for ambient  and prochloraz (0.1%) for low temperature (12±1oC) storage of fruits
  • After treatment, fruits are air dried and packed in CFB boxes
  • Fruits can be stored without any post-harvest diseases infection under ambient  for 8-10 days while under low temperature conditions for up to 2-3 weeks
  • This technology has been proved very effective in managing post- harvest   diseases of Dashehari, Langra, Chausa, Mallika and Amrapali