High density orcharding in Guava



  • Planted at 3 x 6m (555 plants/hectare) provides cent  per cent higher planting density  over 6 x 6m spacing (277 plants/hectare)
  • Higher fruit yield (159.4/tree) in 3 x 3m planting system over 6 x 6m (124kg/tree) was observed in 8 year old trees
  • Recommended planting density under conventional system is 277 plants per hectare (6 x 6m)
  • Bearing habit is on current season’s growth; responds well to training and pruning ; canopy engineering  is  feasible
  • HDP together with canopy management provided 47.1 tonnes  per hectare yield, 65.2 per cent increase over the  recommended spacing
  • Allahabad Safeda and  Lalit perform well under HDP


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