Guava varieties



  • Selection from half-sib population of Apple Colour
  • High yielder with wider adaptability
  • Responsive to pruning; suitable for high density plantings
  • Fruit yield is 100 kg per plant per annum at around 6 years of age, higher than any other commercial guava variety 
  • Fruits are saffron yellow in colour with red blush
  • Average fruit weight of 185-200g
  • Pulp firm and pink with good blend of sugar and acid
  • TSS of 12o Brix and vitamin C- 250 mg per 100g pulp
  • Suitable for both table as well as processing
  • Pink colour of beverage remains stable for more than a year in storage.
  • Has been adopted in meadow orcharding
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  • Selection from half-sib population of Apple colour
  • Tree is semi-vigorous, medium height and prolific bearer
  • Fruit yield is 90 kg per plant per annum at six years of age
  • Fruits medium, globose , each weighing on an average 225g;few soft seeds
  • Creamy white epicarp with red spots or blush; snow-white pulp
  • TSS 12.5-14.0o Brix ; vitamin C content of 300mg per 100g pulp
  • Good keeping qualities
  • Fruits are attractive with good nutritive value
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