Guava Cider


Guava is one of the richest natural sources of ascorbic acid and is often called poor man’s apple. Ready to serve guava beverage is quite popular in market. However, unlike apple its cider is not yet available. Guava pulp is fermented with yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae variety ellipsoideus Montrachet strain, siphoned, matured and bottled to get a sweetened fermented drink. This mildly fermented beverage has 13o B TSS, 4.0 per cent alcohol, 0.45 per cent acidity and 32.8 mg per 100 ml ascorbic acid with natural guava flavour. The cider can be stored up to one year under ambient conditions.

Guava cider is nutritious, easily digestible, highly refreshing and invigorative. Since India is one of the major producers of guava, using a part of this produce for development of mild fermented guava cider would be a proper strategy from consumers and market view point.