Bael varieties



  • Selection from open pollinated seedlings
  • Mid-season variety; matures during April-May
  • Precocious and prolific bearer
  • Fruits oval-oblong; fruit colour turns lemon-yellow on ripening
  • Fruits on an average weigh 1.0 kg, thin shelled; pulp dark yellow, pleasant flavour and less mucilage
  • Good taste and aroma; 65.57 per cent pulp; TSS 38.0o Brix and 20.54 per cent total sugar
  • Also suitable for canning of slices
  • A mature tree bears up to 50-80 kg

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  • Selection from open pollinated seedlings
  • Tree dwarf and moderately spreading
  • Few thorns, sparse foliage; precocious and good yielder
  • Fruits oblong–oval; average fruit weight ranges between 1.80-2.70 kg
  • Thin shelled, pulp orange yellow; low seed and fiber content
  • Good taste, pleasant aroma ; pulp 61.32 per cent, TSS 31.9o Brix, total carotenoids 0.99 mg per 100g pulp, total sugars 16.33 per cent and 2.45 per cent tannin content
  • A mature tree bears up to 60-90 kg
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