Aonla Cider

Aonla (Emblica officinalis Gaertn) or Indian gooseberry is known for its therapeutic properties. It is a rich natural source of ascorbic acid  and polyphenols. The aonla fruits are not good for fresh consumption because of astringency and acidic taste and hence  processed for preparation of  number of products. However, fermented beverages have not been prepared from aonla as yet. Cider is a beverage made ‘wholly or partly from the fermented juice of apples’ and even from pear, peach and raspberry. Polyphenols and acid required in moderate amounts for cider preparation are present in aonla amply.

Aonla juice (suitably ameliorated) is fermented  with yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae variety ellipsoideus Montrachet strain, siphoned, matured and bottled to get a sweet fermented drink of aonla having 10o B TSS, up to 4% alcohol, 0.4 percent polyphenols and 66 mg per 100 ml ascorbic acid. The cider can be stored for a period of over one year and its taste improves further during storage.

Aonla cider is a novel  refreshing drink  which cont ains only 4% alcohol  and, hence, may be promoted as a health drink. Keeping in view the increasing production of aonla, cider is a drink that can be promoted both i n national and international markets.